Waste To Decor Innovation

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In this world of wasteful usages and global warming, how best can one help in reducing wastes and help the ozone layer than recycling waste materials into finished works of art. We make creative works of art from waste products like bottles, newspapers, magazines, straws, plastic cutleries, wood, unused CD tapes, sea-shells and every other waste product we can lay our hands on. We upcycle unused magazine into exquisite table mirror finishing’s. We use discarded plastics to make Christmas tree ornaments and table decoration accessories for sales. Our products are affordable and cost-effective compared to similar imported products and it has also enabled the employment of local artisans who depends largely of local production. Our creative solutions have relieved our immediate community from health and environmental dangers posed by plastic wastes clogging drainages. We have also trained unemployed youths in our localities.

Cointreau support is needed in expanding and employing more people who are unemployed and living in abject poverty. Currently, our base volume (production) is low compared to what we should be producing because our manpower capacity is not enough to cater for the needs of our clients. Also, as part of our social entrepreneurship vision, we intend to train the widows, unemployed graduates and the girl-child. However, we have been unable to train more than five people due to shortage of funds among other reasons. Constrained support is needed in making our dream come true in these aspect.

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