I have searched passionately for the quintessential flavour of Cointreau. I wanted to combine crystal-clear purity with the subtlety of tastes made from the perfect blend of sweet and bitter orange peels


the beginning

The story begins at the rue Saint-Laud in Angers, France. The year, 1849 and the brothers, Edourd-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau opened the doors to their distillery. Previously in the confectionary and cake-making business, the family saw the need for higher quality naturally flavored liqueurs that were unavailable at the time. From then on, the brothers embraced the new challenge.


A dream comes true

Edouard Cointreau, the son of Edouard-Jean, grew up in the warmth of the distillery and reached adulthood with the prospect of becoming a Master Distiller himself. His sole aim was to follow his father's footsteps and enhance the status of liqueur making. His childhood dream came true in 1870 when he joined his father and uncle as head of the family distillery.


One colour : orange

Edouard had noticed consumers' interest in the taste of oranges, which at the time was a very rare and precious commodity. He saw this universal flavor, which was appealing to both men and women, and continuously experimented until he created the perfect blend of bitter and sweet orange peels. His passion gave birth to the original Triple-Sec that is known today as Cointreau.


A worldwide success

It wasn’t long before Edouard’s passion was shared with the world. At the World’s Fair in Paris in 1889, Cointreau would claim the first of many awards dedicated to the Unconventional French Spirit. Soon, recognition came from all over the globe. With more than 300 awards to date, Cointreau has earned the legacy as one of the most consistently awarded spirits.


Pierrot de Cointreau was born

Not content with just building a unique liqueur, Edouard took great interest into the emerging medium of advertising. Drawing inspiration from a picture of Pierrot and an homage to Edouard’s eyeglasses - the character of Pierrot de Cointreau was born and quickly became the Brand’s ambassador in its advertising.


the creative crew opening

Louisa Cointreau - women’s rights pioneer and wife of Cointreau creator Edouard Cointreau - had always sought to use her status to develop other women’s freedom and creativity. From patron of the arts to early promoter of women’s social equality, her daring and creative values became deeply rooted into the family company. Today, Cointreau seeks to carry out Louisa Cointreau’s mission. Cointreau’s artistic director Laetitia Casta, currently living her dream of writing and creating her own first movie, wanted other women to experience this personal fulfillment as well. Laetitia Casta and la Maison Cointreau launched in 2015 a philanthropist programme meant to reveal and boost women’s creativity, by encouraging them to make their dreams come true. The Cointreau Creative Crew was born.

Over the 160 years since it opened in its Angers heartland, the Cointreau Family has helped supply the world. Today, Alfred Cointreau carries on that family legacy. As the sixth generation of Cointreau, Alfred is driven to carry on the values inherited with the family name, while continuing the adventure that has already spanned three centuries.